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The "Talent and Success" Foundation holds the first all-Russian Contest of young musicians "Sozvezdie" in the venues of the Educational Center "Sirius" in 2019. The expert support for the Contest is provided by the the Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky.

The initiative of the Contest belongs to the leading Russian musicians, artists and cultural figures, members of the Expert Council of the Educational Center "Sirius". The Contest "Sozvezdie" will be held annually.

Aims and objectives of the Contest:

− being jealous, conserve and enhancing of the best traditions of the performing arts;
− identification and supporting talented children and young people in musical performance as well as promoting their further professional development;
− promoting the academic music as one of the most important components of spiritual and moral education of the younger generation;
− developing the education system in the sphere of culture and art, broadening of the experience of leading masters in musical education.

The Contest "Sozvezdie" started with the success of the young talented graduates of the "Musical and performing arts" subdivision of the Educational Center "Sirius". From 2015 to 2019, more than 1,500 young musicians have been trained in intensive educational programmes. They became winners and laureates of musical competitions and contests in our country and abroad. Among the most outstanding achievements of the "Sirius" graduates in the musical art is the victory of Ivan Bessonov in the Young Musicians Contest "Eurovision-2018" in Edinburgh and a diploma of Natalia Khorokhorova, who became the I-st degree laureate of the International Music Competition "Crescendo" in New York.

Almost 100 graduates of the Educational Center "Sirius" of the "Music and performing arts" subdivision at the age of from 11 to 18 years who received the highest number of points from the Experts on the results of educational programmes from April 2018 to March 2019 and became the best of the best were invited to participate in the first Contest "Sozvezdie". During this period, almost 500 young musicians from 60 regions of the Russian Federation have been trained and the number of applications for Sirius programmes was three times as big as it used to be.

The Contest "Sozvezdie" is arranged in several stages as follows:
 — receiving contestants' application forms for the correspondence qualifying stage up to April 30, 2019;
 — the qualifying correspondence stage until the 5th of May, 2019.
The final of the Contest of two live stages will be held from 7 to 11 July 2019 in Sochi in the venues of the Educational Center "Sirius"

17 young musicians will compete in three groups of instruments in the Final of the Contest: the piano; the violin family; the woodwind and percussion instruments.
The final stage of the Contest "Sozvezdie" will be open to the public, the lovers of classical music. The final Gala concert with the Grand Prix and awarding of the winners and will be held in the Big Hall of the "Sirius" Park of Science and Art.

The special feature of the Contest "Sozvezdie" is in a unique system of professional support and guiding its winners and laureates as the organizers of the Contest guarantee taking part in variety of concerts and festivals as part of the leading professional musical groups of the country. The Masters of musical performing arts, whose names are well-known in the world, will become mentors of the winners.

Regulations .PDF
The Contest is only open to the graduates of specialized educational programmes of the Educational Center "Sirius" in the subdivision "Music and performing arts" for the period from April of the previous academic year to March (included) of the current academic year, having received the highest rating points on the results of the educational programme and the results of the application (based on the expertized video files) for participation in the Contest.

The participants of the Contest are to be at the age from 11 to 18 years old. The participant must be at least 11 years old at the time of filling the application and not more than 18 years old at the time of the last day of the Contest.

The procedure for applying for the Contest and conducting the correspondence qualifying stage. The Foundation offers applicants to take part in the Contest and submit an online application on the official website of the Educational Center "Sirius" through a special application form no later than April 30, 2019.

The Jury selects candidates for participation in the final live stage of the Contest by expertizing the Video Recordings. The list of participants of the final live stage of the Contest is published on the website of the Educational Center "Sirius" until may 15, 2019.

17 people are allowed to participate in the final live stage of the Contest. All the participants of the first live round are allowed to participate in the second live round (the Final) of the Contest. Competitive auditions within the framework of the live rounds are held publicly in the concert halls of the Foundation. The order of performing the participants is established by drawing and remains till the end of the Contest. Performances must be from memory. The repetition of the same pieces in different rounds is not allowed. The participants of the Contest should provide the musical material of the works performed by the concertmaster in printed and bound form, convenient for turning pages. All the participants are given a 20-minute acoustic rehearsal ("sound-check") in the hall before the every single audition. The programme I and II of the Contest round specified in the application shall not be further a subject to be changed.

An accompanist must accompany each participant. The accompanist is to participate in all activities of the Contest. On the results the participants' accompanists are given a grateful letter for the work done. In case of the absence of an accompanist, this person will be provided to the participant by the Foundation. The teachers in the specialty (counting as one for each participant) as the parties are invited to the Educational center "Sirius" for the whole period of the Contest along with the correspondence-stage qualified participants.

Those teachers are to be working in the same educational institution where the participant is being trained. The participant must be signed to this teacher's class. Teachers from other educational institutions and private teachers are not invited as an escort to participate in the Contest in the Educational Center "Sirius". The accompanying teacher takes part in the preparation of the participant for the Contest. For the accompanying teachers some kinds of experience-exchange events will be organized in the framework of the July educational programme.

On the results of the participants training, the accompanying teachers are given grateful letters for the work done. The financial expenses involved in coming and staying in the Foundation for the contestants, their accompanying teachers and accompanists are borne by the Foundation "Talent and success".
Program requirements of the Contest stages

Qualifying correspondence stage (video file)

It's allowed to perform the works from the live stage (I and II rounds)
- large-form piece of music (a part of a Sonata, a classical or romantic style Concert, Variations, Rondo);
- two diverse pieces of music, one of which is of a virtuoso character.
- a Concert (first or second and third parts);
- two diverse plays.
- G. F. Handel – Sonata in g-moll;
- G. Eccles – Sonata in g-moll.
- a piece containing cantilena and virtuoso sections;
- two diverse plays.
- part or several parts of a large form (a Сoncert, a Sonata, etc.) of the Baroque Age and classical or romantic style composers;
- two diverse plays, one of which is of a virtuoso character.
- a part of a large form or a concert piece of classical style;
- a cantilena play.
- a part of a large form or a concert piece of classical style;
- one or more diverse plays.
- two or more diverse plays.
- a composition of a large form or its part;
- one or more diverse academic plays.
- performance on one of the following percussion instruments: xylophone, marimba or vibraphone;
- performance of a play on the snare drum or the drumkit
Final live stage
Round I (up to 20 minutes): Solo programme: polyphonic composition (I. S. Bach, G. Handel); a composition of a large form: Sonata (it's possible to perform different parts), variations, Rondo (D. Scarlatti, J. Haydn, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven); virtuoso composition.
Round II (up to 30 minutes): a Free programme that includes among others, one large or a number of short pieces of music by the following authors: F. Schubert, F. Chopin, R. Schumann, F. List, F. Mendelssohn, I. Brahms, E. Grieg, P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. N. Scriabin, S. V. Rachmaninov.
Round I: a Free programme (no more than 20 minutes), including pieces of different styles and genres. The programme contains:
1) a piece of music by a composer of XVI–XVIII centuries (I. S. Bach, F. I. Bach, G. Handel, J. B. Krumpholz, J. L. Dussek, etc.), anyhow transcribed or revised;
2) a concert piece chosen by the participant.
Round II: a Free programme (no more than 20 minutes), including pieces of different styles and genres. It's possible to repeat one piece of the Round I. Composers: F. Godefroy, D. Thomas, K., Salcedo, S. Oberthur, G. Pierne, B. André, E. Parish-Alvars, R. Glier, Manuel de Falla, M. Tournier, D. Henson-Kono and others.
Round I (up to 25 minutes):
1) "Fantasy" by G. F. Telemann (in full) or two parts of the Sonata by Handel, Vivaldi, Tartini and other Baroque Age composers.
2) "Caprice" Paganini or Wieniawski Etude (opus 18 or opus 10).
3) Concert piece by the choice of the artist.
Round II (up to 30 minutes):
1) the Concert ( of the first or the second and the third parts).
2) at the choice of the performer within the time limit, in addition to the concert, one or several different plays can be performed.
I round (up to 20 minutes):
1) I. S. Bach – suites for Cello solo No. 1, 2 or 3. The Prelude or the sarabande and the jig.
2) One of the following ancient sonatas:
Sammartini – G-dur
Eccles – g-moll
Tessarini – F-dur
Franker – E-dur
Any of 6 Sonatas by Boccherini's
Breval – G-dur (any edition)
3) Concert piece at the choice of the participant
Round II (up to 20 minutes):
1) One of the concerts (the first or the second and the third parts):
Bach – c-moll
Handel – h-moll
Haydn – C-dur
Elgar – E-dur
Dvořák – h-moll
2) a Virtuoso piece of participant's choice
Round I (up to 20 minutes):
1) G. F. Telemann – "Fantasy" (in full);
2) I. S. Bach – Sonata for the viola da Gamba and the clavier (two parts).
Round II:
1) the first or the second and the third parts of a large form. It's possible to perform with one-part large form (for example, a concert by D. Enescu);
2) Two diverse plays (cantilena and virtuoso) at the choice of the participant.
Instead of the part (parts) of large forms or large one-movement form, it is possible to perform some variations for solo viola by F. Druzhinin. In this case, in addition, the only one play is performed instead of two different, for no more than three minutes.
Round I:
1) the first or the second and third parts of the concert by J. C. Bach, W. Pichl, F. Simandle or Y. Storch or a full concert by D. Cimador ;
2) Two diverse plays.
Round II:
1) the Concert by S. Koussevitzky or D. Bottesini – the first or the second and the third parts.
BRASS family
Round I (up to 15 minutes): two diverse plays.
Round II (up to 20 minutes): a piece of music of a large form of classical or romantic character (it is possible to perform one or more parts of the piece) and a concert piece of a virtuoso character.
In every Round, the performer is to present the performance on at least two different instruments: a pitch (xylophone, marimba or vibraphone) and a percussion (snare, multi-percussion).
Round I (up to 15 minutes): two diverse plays.
Round II (up to 20 minutes): a work of classical or romantic character (it is possible to perform one or more parts of the work) and one or more concert pieces of virtuoso character.
All the rights to audio and video recordings made during the Contest, its Grand Opening and Closing ceremonies, the Gala-concert, the Contest events and their distribution and replication as well as to broadcast including on the Internet are subjects to belong to the Educational Foundation "Talent and Success" and the Contest Organizing Committee and can be used by them for educational, methodological and promotional purposes.

The application for participation in the Contest is an indication that no third party claims any copyright and/or other rights to audio, video and other materials made during the preparation and within the time of the Contest.

A participant in the name of his/her legal representatives guarantees that he/she is the only intellectual property rights holder of the materials having sent to participate in the Contest. In case of any complaints, claims and/or lawsuits from third parties or regulatory authorities to the organizers or other third parties related to the Contest, the participant undertakes to settle them down at his own expense as well as to compensate all losses caused by such complaints, claims and/or lawsuits. In case of disputes in respect of rights to any material, being sent to participate in the Contest, any melody and video will be immediately withdrawn from the Contest and, in the case of the participant's choice of this material as a winner of the Contest the result of such a choice is declared null and void.

The organizers are not responsible for copyright infringement, as well as for possible violations of the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of materials in the Contest. By downloading the video in the manner specified in this Regulation, the participant shall bring his / her material to the public attention. The participant guarantees that he / she will not make claims to the organizer and other third parties related to the fact that the materials are in the social networks of the Contest and on the Foundation's website.

Organizers have the right:

- at its discretion, to invalidate participation in the Competition, to prohibit participation in the Competition, to remove the participant from the Competition or not to allow to participate in the Competition in case of violation of the Provisions;
- in case of any circumstances that prevent the Contest: problems in the Internet, unauthorized interference of other persons in the work of the sites or other actions that result in the inability to further conduct the Contest - temporarily suspend or terminate the Contest, warning the participants by posting a notice on the site;
- unilaterally change the number and range of prizes, as well as suspend and/or change the timing of the Competition;
- not to enter into written negotiations or other contacts with the participants of the Competition, except as provided in this Regulation;
- to conduct interviews, photography and video shooting of participants without paying them additional remuneration.

The participant and his / her legal representatives, taking part in the Contest, give their consent to the processing of their personal data.

The application submitted to the organizing Committee of the Competition is evidence that the future participant of the competition and its legal representatives are fully aware of the terms of this Regulation and accept them.
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The I-st all-Russian Contest of young musicians