31 MAY 2019
Young artists of "Sirius" are inspired with the musical Contest "Sozvezdie"
The Educational Center is in the midst of preparing for the first all-Russian Contest of young musicians "Sozvezdie".
Юных художников «Сириуса» вдохновил музыкальный конкурс «Созвездие»
The Educational Center is in the midst of preparing for the first all-Russian Contest of young musicians "Sozvezdie".

Young artists who came to "Sirius" in May decided to take part in the preparation and make illustrations for "Sozvezdie". They worked in graphic and pictorial techniques as well as they made portraits, which is, by the way, one of the most difficult genres of painting.

Sophia Koltakova, a violinist from Barnaul, was a model for portrait painters. She is just 11 years old, but she is already a multiple winner of regional, national and even international Musical Competitions. Her greatest achievements are the winning in the professional competition of the Central Music School and the International television competition of young musicians "Nutcracker".

'It's nice that my portrait will accompany the "Sozvezdie". I will definitely follow the guys performances, especially those who perform their works on the violin', Sophia said.
The best graphic art work among the others is the work made by Evgenia Shevchenko, who is a student of the B. Ioganson St. Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts. The author of the best work in painting technique is Ekaterina Tsai from Voronezh. The organizers of the Contest are planning to use the works of the "Sirius" young artists for advertising posters and multimedia splash-screens of the Contest.

It should be reminded that the first all-Russian Contest of young musicians "Sozvezdie" has been arranged for the first time and the names of all the 17 finalists, coming to the Live Stage in Sochi from 7th to 11th of July this year, have already been known. The Experting support of the competition is provided by the Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky.
Ekaterina Tsai
16 y.o.
Evgenia Shevchenko
17 y.o.
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